Crushed Ore Music

First and foremost -

I am a self-described musician, but really and artists that finds himself exploring music hoping to not be bottled into a single definition or genre, but rather as someone who is creating are that spans many interests - maybe a few of your own!

I'm someone who has a voice and a message - either in lyric or just in interpretation.

I am a fan! I love listening to many influences. There are so many talented musicians that are just waiting for someone to listen, if just for a moment. I am one of those searching for everyones voice and message.

Beginning in 2020 - yeah - what took me so long? Born out of an untimely pandemic - I wanted to share my creative energy. I hope you enjoy the different posts through my journey!

I'm a humble old man - just rocking through life.  I'm already successful in my professional career.  This is a hobby to me - and the other artists I support is genuine.  

My Story!

The idea of being a "Rock Star" was a passion that I had in my late teens and 20's.  My GarageBand days were awesome, played in a couple bands hit the bar scenes and had a lot of fun.  By the time I was in my mid-20's, I decided it was time to join the rest of the world and engage in a professional career with the hopes to retire  in comfort one day.

Sometime around 2007 I started messing around with my guitar and bass again.  Revisited some favorite cover band songs, and just messed around a bit.  Nothing serious, and didn't actually play for anyone except family that was mostly forced... LOL!

The real fun started because of the pandemic (2020).  Lock down!  Nothing to do - except I had this little smoldering fire of creativity inside.  Music really has been a passion, I just kept it bottled up.

I dug out my guitar and bass again.  Started picking up on some YouTube stars who were making music, mastering music, and in general influencing musicians. This all began to influence me to make music; why not?  So I went all in, invested in all kinds of new instruments, software, hardware - anything to make music.  I've learned a ton, with so much more out there to take in that I can't wait for the next bend in the road of music life!

I really enjoy the whole process of creating. Best of all - I do this first for me, second for anyone that finds some enjoyment in my art.  I'm not one of my musician heroes or influencer - I'm just an older guy, living the dream!

Thanks for checking out my projects!  Come back often and share anything you enjoy!